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There are several XMPP client libraries for Ruby available, what is your experience with them and which one would you recommend?

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What kind of thing are you looking to write in XMPP? The choice very much depends on what you want to do. These are the ones I have had experience of:

  • XMPP4R is one of the most popular. However the project is no longer actively maintained. I've always found the API to be a little clunky.
  • Blather, really cool DSL for writing things. Relies on EventMachine, so nice, fast and simple. However may not play nicely if you want to use in a non-evented webserver (like Passenger). It is also difficult to work with in an IRB console, which can make experimenting harder.

There are a few projects which build upon these base libraries for creating things like bots, Although I've no experience of them.

For the project I work on we communicate extensively from within Rails so use our own thing (Jubjub, and xmpp_gateway). However the project is still in early days so don't expect the same kind of polish as from other libraries - it's just trying to solve a different problem, and works for us.

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