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Have to get Facebook user's date of birth using access key. My client provide list of facebook user id and access key for sample test. using that access key can get wall information for that users which made as public. But am not get users date of birth. Is there any way to get users date of birth

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Make sure you're asking for the user_birthday, or that information won't be returned. Note that if users don't show their birthday on their profiles you might not get that regardless.

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Thanks for the reply.. my url is $url ="; . $id . "?limit=100&access_token=$atoken. In this $id facebook user id is passing. Is this how i need to make a request for user_birthday. can you guide me? – Mohan Shanmugam Sep 12 '11 at 4:31

Yes, here is the FAQ about this in the Facebook developers documentation. As you can see there is a birthday field in the response from the call to the api.

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