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I want to add Facebook OpenGraph tags to my page, but I also want to stick with the style of Facebook Like button that I currently have (a custom image tag).

The OpenGraph plugin instructions suggest you have to use Facebook's own Like button styles, and the customization options are limited.

Is there any way I can apply the Facebook Like code to my own image button?

UPDATE: to be clear, what I mean is that I have an image on my page that links to https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?.... I don't have a standard Facebook Like button. Will this mean that the OpenGraph tags on my page don't actually do anything?

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The old sharer.php endpoint will read the same meta tags as the Like button - when shared, the Facebook crawler accesses your site and pulls the metadata for the post (image, description, etc)

If you want to generate some sample metadata there's a form on the like button documentation (see 'step 2') to output tags in the correct format.

Use the Debug tool to see what tags Facebook detects on your site.

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It's against facebook's policies to try and replicate or re-create the like button.

Adding open graph tags won't affect your page, but they will improve how it appears when shared or liked in Facebook.

You may create a button called share which opens the feed dialog (sharer.php is deprecated) but you must use the real like button, not a custom image tag.

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