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I am using rails 3, Ubuntu 10.04 and Ruby 1.8.7.

link_to "name", lettings_path(lettings)

is producing a link: /lettings.id and not /lettings/id as I would have expected.

in my routes.rb file I have:

resources :lettings

My model name is Letting.

This has me completely stumped, never in 6 years have I come across this - I would really appreciate any ideas you guys might have.

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That's strange. The lettings variable you use - is it an instance of Letting or an array of lettings?

Btw, do you know that in rails 3 you don't need to use the letting_path helper? Just do it like that:

= link_to "name", letting
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letting is an instance in a partial which is called using a collection of lettings. Interestingly using the "link_to" you suggested solved the problem.... That is very odd. Thanks for the help :-) –  Paul Barclay Sep 9 '11 at 13:37

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