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I don't get GPS location updates. I'm using an iPad2 to run the code. This is my code:

- (id)initWithNibName:(NSString *)nibNameOrNil bundle:(NSBundle *)nibBundleOrNil

        locationManager = [[[CLLocationManager alloc] init] autorelease]; // Create new instance of locMgr
        locationManager.delegate = self;

        locationManager.distanceFilter = kCLDistanceFilterNone; 
        locationManager.desiredAccuracy = kCLLocationAccuracyBest;

        [locationManager startUpdatingLocation];
        NSLog(@"locationManager startUpdatingLocation"); //this core runs correctly


- (void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager
   didFailWithError:(NSError *)error
     NSLog(@"Error: %@", [error description]);

- (void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager didUpdateToLocation:(CLLocation *)newLocation fromLocation:(CLLocation *)oldLocation 
    location = [newLocation description];
    NSLog(@"new location: %@", location); //never printed   

Should I allow location in the preferences ? I was expecting the iPad asking permissions for to share the location but I didn't get any.


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If it does'nt ask for permissions automatically, then you should have already tried allowing location in the preferences...If even that does'nt work then it's something hidden because your code looks fine – tipycalFlow Sep 9 '11 at 10:57
@tipycalFlow I'm running the app from xCode so I don't have the app in the preferences. I mean, there is no way to enable/disable location permissions in the preferences for this app. (the global one is enabled). – Patrick Sep 9 '11 at 11:06
Should I add lines of code to register for location notifications in my app Delegate ? I don't get it.. – Patrick Sep 9 '11 at 11:10
try writing NSLog(@"new location: %@", [newLocation description]); let me know if this also does'nt print anything – tipycalFlow Sep 9 '11 at 11:32
@tipycalFlow The same... it seems that didUpdateToLocation method is never invoked. – Patrick Sep 9 '11 at 11:41

Is locationManager a retain property? If not, make it one and add self. in front of the alloc+init line so the locationManager isn't released at the end of that method:

self.locationManager = [[[CLLocationManager alloc] init] autorelease];

Also add [locationManager release]; in the dealloc.

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Sorry for late reply. The problem was indeed about memory management, but the solution was even simpler. – Patrick Sep 14 '11 at 20:18
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I've actually removed autorelease and added release in dealloc, and that's it.

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