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Check this jsfiddle

Why is there a difference in size of the datepicker when font-size is set to 1.5em? The amount of em's is not important I have tryd different font-sizes and I still get the same problem. The red box is set to 460px and is there for you to see the difference in size of the datepicker in firefox and chrome/safari.

Edit: I have already try'd using px insted of em

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Firefox uses DirectWrite to render text, and Chrome doesn't.

That is the reason for the ever so slightly different size of the rendered text.

There is no way to make the text pixel-perfect the same size between the two browsers.

Read this: http://www.basschouten.com/blog1.php/font-rendering-gdi-versus-directwrite

And this, particularly the "Hinting and spacing differences" section: http://blog.mozilla.com/nattokirai/2011/08/11/directwrite-text-rendering-in-firefox-6/

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Because 1.5em isn't a precise size and depends on what the browser decides the relevant font metrics to use are.

If you want a precise size, use either px or points.

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forgot to mention that I have tryed using px insted of em's. –  halliewuud Sep 9 '11 at 11:11

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