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i am writing a code where i get a string value in a class that extends BaseAdapter. I want this value to be used in another class that extends an Overlay. If my class extends an Activity i can use intent,putstring() and getString, but is to be used for these above specified classes..Can anyone tell me how can i do this. Thanks in advance.

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You can either make your variable global or make a singleton FileHelper class that contains values you want to pass between classes.


public String myString = "Hello";

and if you want to use it in OtherClass:

String myString = MyClass.myString;

If your the FileHelper use this:

public class FileHelper {

    private static FileHelper instance;
    private String myString;

    private FileHelper() {

    public static FileHelper getInstance() {
        if (instance == null) {
            instance = new FileHelper();
        return instance;

    public void setMyString(String s){
        myString = s;

    public String getMyString(){
        return myString();

You can use the FileHelper with this:

private static FileHelper fileHelper = FileHelper.getInstance();
String myString = fileHelper.getMyString();
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