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I'm using POE to build a system that bridges several protocols (HTTP, IRC, XMPP), and I'd like to use POE to drive a single event loop that handles these protocols. Can I do this safely, and if so, how?

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Yes, you can. Read this article, it should help you much. Also here's code example of IRC and HTTP running together: Just remember, you need setup everything before you run mainloop: POE::Kernel->run()

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use warnings;
use strict;
use POE;

# Simple HTTP server

use POE::Component::Server::HTTP;

  Port           => 32090,
  ContentHandler => {
    '/'      => \&http_handler

sub http_handler {
    my ($request, $response) = @_;
    $response->content("<html><body>Hello World</body></html>");
    return RC_OK;

# Dummy IRC bot on #bottest at

use POE::Component::IRC;

my ($irc) = POE::Component::IRC->spawn();

  inline_states => {
    _start     => \&bot_start,
    irc_001    => \&on_connect,

sub bot_start {
  $irc->yield(register => "all");
  my $nick = 'poetest' . $$ % 1000;
    connect => {
      Nick     => $nick,
      Username => 'cookbot',
      Ircname  => 'POE::Component::IRC cookbook bot',
      Server   => '',
      Port     => '6667',

sub on_connect { $irc->yield(join => '#bottest'); }

# Run main loop


And you can broadcast events between your tasks.

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Perfect, thank you! – Jashank Sep 11 '11 at 5:14

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