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I've taken a bit of a memcache script that i've used previously without issue, but on the new page, I don't get any response.

the memcache is in a function which is included from another page. what I do is put the md5 hash the mysql query and store that as the key for the memcached data. if the key isn't in memcache, then I go, create the data, put it into memcache and return it.

I think the code is fairly simple. Here are the important bits (it's a large page creating the output, so you don't need all that, though the 'return' I think is important as I fear that might be where I'm screwing up.

I call the function with

$outList.= outData($getList);

where $getList is a mysql query

The $outList function is


@$memcache = new Memcache;

function outData($getList)
    $memVal = @$memcache->get(MD5($getList));
        $results=mysql_query($getList)or die(mysql_error());

        // then I do a bunch of stuff with the data
        @$memcache->set(MD5($getList), $memVal, false, 60000);
    return $memVal;

I can display all the stuff to create $memVal, but i suspect the error is in the if line, but the same code is used on another page without issues.

Anything look wrong with this?

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Would be great help if you remove the @ while debugging..... – Itay Moav -Malimovka Apr 9 '09 at 22:47
This is also why I run my development environment with the most strict errors and warnings displayed. I want to see everything that PHP finds even slightly not-right about the code. A warning is an error that will just come back later to bite you. – Alister Bulman Apr 9 '09 at 23:26
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with all those @'s suppressing errors, there's no way to know what is failing.

I ran it - sans the @'s and the answer popped right up though - on the line:

$memVal = @$memcache->get(MD5($getList));
#Notice: Undefined variable: memcache in /home/topbit/736160.php on line 9

Where does it get the variable $memcache ? It's not passed into the function.

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sorry about that, i was using the @ to test when memcache failed or didn't connect. Of course, I should have known that was supressing the error that I should have seen. My bad :( – pedalpete Apr 9 '09 at 23:27

The problem is scope. When in a function, variables in global scope do not automatically get passed on, you will have to add them as parameters to the function.

function outData($memcache, $getList)
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