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i am using Dropbox api in my project and i get this error when i go deep into some directory and then download a file from that folder to iPhone.

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I don't think you're handling this issue correctly. The reason removing the folder path fixed it is because the error was being caused when there wasn't a folder created for the file to be moved to. You removed the local path so all files are saved in the root folder but that will cause issues if files from different folders have the same name. You should be creating local folders before trying the loadFiles into them.

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I found the solution, all you have to do is to remove the folder name from path component and it should be a simple file name with extension in destination path of function,

[client  loadFile:newPath intoPath:localpath];
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I get this error randomly. Are you using a full path for localPath ur just a file name? –  PsychoDad Dec 23 '12 at 18:14

This line is causing this problem.

[client  loadFile:remoteFilePath intoPath:localFilePath];

I have localFilePath with something like "/documents/X/Y/Z.pdf" which i have changed to "/document/Z.pdf". This Solve my problem. Thanks

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