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When I run my android emulator in eclipse, all my keyboard characters gets translated to chinese when I try to write text. Why is this?


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Please refer to this previous question & answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/2268239/… –  SBerg413 Sep 9 '11 at 12:57
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  1. Tap & hold on an EditText
  2. Select Input Method
  3. Select Android Keyboard
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My AVD does the same, only this solution doesn't work. Tap and hold tells me that there is nothing to paste. –  Giszmo Jun 20 '13 at 2:24
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For emulator you can run such two commands to remove Pinyin IME (so latin would become default):

> adb shell

# mount -rw -o remount /dev/block/mtdblock0 /system

# rm /system/app/PinyinIME.apk

the same, but easier to put into Jenkins:

> adb shell mount -rw -o remount /dev/block/mtdblock0 /system

> adb shell rm /system/app/PinyinIME.apk

You can first check which device is mounted to /system by running

# mount

in adb shell.

If you need to remove another IME - just change a filename in "rm" command.

Note: this will remove Pinyin IME completely. While you're not completely sure - don't do it on real devices as it would be hard to bring that IME back :)

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What do you mean it gets translated to Chinese? From home screen, press Menu, Settings, Language and Keyboard..maybe you can tweak the settings there?

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