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There is a cross browser dilemma especially now that safari uses an internal scroll mechanism that floats on top.

When a div with fixed height's content ends up getting larger than the div we need a scroll bar, but the scrollbar takes out some width and thus a horizontal bar is added to. How do we prevent a horizontal scroll even if the content is to wide I want no ability for the user to be able to scroll horizontally.

The CSS3 property overflow-x:hidden, still allows the user to scroll left and right with a trackpad. I want it disabled completely, or a solution that removes the problem of the vertical scroll bar taking width from the div.

Any ideas?


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Can you provide us an example (on jsfiddle or anywhere else), where div with overflow-x:hidden can be scrolled in safari? Couldn't reproduce for myself. – kizu Sep 9 '11 at 13:36
Safari does not reproduce it but Firefox does as it's scrollbar cuts off from the width – Robin Knight Sep 9 '11 at 15:32

One solution is that you make the vertical scroll bar always display:

overflow-y: scroll

But still the scroll bar's width doesn't stay the same across browsers.

Or you can make a custom scroll bar replacement with div/CSS/JavaScript. Here is a jQuery plugin which seems promising:

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Set the image as background should fix your issues

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