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When I sign in to StackOverflow using Google, I get the following message: is asking for some information from your Google Account

• Email address:

However, on my own site, when I log in with OpenID I can't ask for the e-mail address. Instead, I get this message:

You are signing in to with your Google Account

I am also finding it difficult to understand at what step I need to request the e-mail address. Here is the code that I think the step should be built into:

 * Authenticates the given OpenId identity.
 * Defined by Zend_Auth_Adapter_Interface.
 * @throws Zend_Auth_Adapter_Exception If answering the authentication query is impossible
 * @return Zend_Auth_Result
public function authenticate() {
    $id = $this->_id;
    $consumer = new Auth_OpenID_Consumer($this->_storage);

    if (!empty($id)) {
        $authRequest = $consumer->begin($id);

        if (is_null($authRequest)) {
            return new Zend_Auth_Result(
                array("Authentication failed", 'Unknown error')

        if (Auth_OpenID::isFailure($authRequest)) {
            return new Zend_Auth_Result(
                array("Authentication failed", "Could not redirect to server: " . $authRequest->message)

        $redirectUrl = $authRequest->redirectUrl($this->_root, $this->_returnTo);

        if (Auth_OpenID::isFailure($redirectUrl)) {
            return new Zend_Auth_Result(
                array("Authentication failed", $redirectUrl->message)

    } else {
        $response = $consumer->complete(Zend_OpenId::selfUrl());

        switch($response->status) {
            case Auth_OpenID_CANCEL:
            case Auth_OpenID_FAILURE:
                return new Zend_Auth_Result(
                    array("Authentication failed. " . @$response->message)
            case Auth_OpenID_SUCCESS:
                return $this->_constructSuccessfulResult($response);

This seems like it should be so obvious... but I'm having a hard time Googling it and combing through the code to figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You can ask for an email address using Zend Simple Registration Extension

$sreg = new Zend_OpenId_Extension_Sreg(array(
    'fullname'=>false), null, 1.1);
$consumer = new Zend_OpenId_Consumer();
if (!$consumer->login($_POST['openid_identifier'],
                      $sreg)) {
    die("OpenID login failed.");

If you want to use Janrain library, you can add extensions to the request like this:

$sreg_request = Auth_OpenID_SRegRequest::build(
                                 // Required
                                 // Optional

if ($sreg_request) {

Have a look at the consumer example:

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