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I was trying out attached properties and style triggers hoping to learn more about it. I wrote a very simple WPF windows app with an attached property:

  public static readonly DependencyProperty SomethingProperty = 
          new UIPropertyMetadata(0));

  public int GetSomethingProperty(DependencyObject d)
      return (int)d.GetValue(SomethingProperty);
  public void SetSomethingProperty(DependencyObject d, int value)
      d.SetValue(SomethingProperty, value);

And I was trying to update the 'Something' attached property with a property trigger defined in the button style section:

  <Window x:Class="TestStyleTrigger.Window1"
      Title="Window1" Height="210" Width="190">
          <Style x:Key="buttonStyle" TargetType="{x:Type Button}">
                  <Trigger Property="IsPressed" Value="True">
                      <Setter Property="local:Window1.Something" Value="1" />

      <Button Style="{StaticResource buttonStyle}"></Button>

However, I kept getting following compilation error:

error MC4003: Cannot resolve the Style Property 'Something'. Verify that the owning type is the Style's TargetType, or use Class.Property syntax to specify the Property. Line 10 Position 29.

I can't understand why it gives me this error because I did use the 'Class.Property' syntax in the tag of the section. Can any one tell me how can I fix this compilation error?

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Your backing methods for the dependency property are named incorrectly and must be static:

public static int GetSomething(DependencyObject d)
    return (int)d.GetValue(SomethingProperty);

public static void SetSomething(DependencyObject d, int value)
    d.SetValue(SomethingProperty, value);

Also, you shouldn't specify the assembly in the local XML NS mapping in the XAML because the namespace is in the current assembly. Do this instead:

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