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I have a 3 column, 2 row set of divs. I want to make each div's heigh grow or expand based on the amount of data currently loaded inside. I am loading XML data into each of these 6 divs.

Anyone know how to make each div size correctly for height only. I am using css to set a specific width, but I''d like to make the height automatic.

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You've almost answered your own question here. Unless I've misunderstood you can simply use:

div {
height: auto;

to ensure the height adjusts to the content within

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I didn't realize there was such a thing.... my work uses a really old HTML editor and it wasn't one of the options....can't wait for the Adobe CS5.5 update we get in a few weeks. Thanks for your help! – Chris Sep 9 '11 at 14:19
No problem, the only thing to be careful of, is if your child content is marked as say 'float: left' but your parent container isn't. That way it jumps out of the normal flow and will not extend the parent item down with the childs content. – dougajmcdonald Sep 9 '11 at 14:27

You could clearfix the containing div, float the data left, add some padding around the data and set height to auto.

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