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I'd like to use LESS stylesheets in a parent and child theme, in which most of the stylesheet information is specified by the parent and the child simply overrides a few files. This is possible with the Ruby version of LESS like so:

var parser = new(less.Parser)({
    paths: ['.', './lib'], // Specify search paths for @import directives
    filename: 'style.less' // Specify a filename, for better error messages

but is it possible with the command line compiler lessc? I'd like to say:

$ lessc --path=".;../parent" style.less
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Actually it seams that there is a bug : github.com/cowboyd/less.rb/issues/13 –  Natim Dec 6 '11 at 7:34

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Looking at the lessc source code:

    case 'include-path':
        options.paths = match[2].split(':')
            .map(function(p) {
                if (p && p[0] == '/') {
                    return path.join(path.dirname(input), p);
                } else if (p) {
                    return path.join(process.cwd(), p);

You can pass multiple paths to lessc. So the correct syntax for your example is:

lessc --include-path=".:../parent" style.less
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Is it also possible to do this in the client side version of less? (less.js) –  rednaw Jul 5 '13 at 7:58


There's a --include-path switch that you can use.

lessc --include-path=./inc/ main.less

Note, it needs to be relative to the path that lessc is executing in.

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