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I'm using xcodebuild inside a bash script on a continuous integration server.

I would like to know when a build as failed in the script, so I can exit prematurely from it and mark the build as failed.

xcodebuild displays a BUILD FAILED message to the console, but I don't succeed in getting a return value.

How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance

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You can use the "$?" variable to get the return code of the previous command.

xcodebuild -...
if [[$? == 0]]; then
    echo "Success"
    echo "Failed"
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xcodebuild always returns 0, regardless of the actual test result. You should check for either ** BUILD FAILED ** or ** BUILD SUCCEEDED ** in the output to know whether tests pass or not.

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Xcodebuild can return any of the error codes listed here and not restricted to EX_OK (or int 0).

However, I learnt from solution provided by Dmitry and modified as following. It works for me and I hope it could be helpful.

xcodebuild -project ......
     if test $? -eq 0
        echo "Success"
        echo "Failed"
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I solved my problem using this command: xcodebuild -... || exit 1

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