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I've got an OSGi container that hosts several CXF web services at /services/service_a; /services/service_b etc along with a couple of web apps deployed as bundles. I'm trying to SSO enable all the endpoints but am having trouble registering a servlet filter with the Jetty server so I can have Spring Security take over.

Using Pax-web whiteboard I was able to register a filter tied to a simple servlet. However, when I attempted to filter requests at /*, the filter no longer catches the requests. Is it possible to register a filter that will catch all requests either using pax-web or some Jetty-osgi magic?

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Not sure it's possible with the http whiteboard.

However you should be able to achieve the same end result using pax-web with Jetty's standard SSO management, by creating a fragment bundle.

Some links:




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I'm actually looking to use JOSSO for SSO implementation so I need some way to register a servlet filter against my cxf endpoints. The web apps, I can declare filters in web.xml, but the endpoints are using CXF bundle with no web.xml – badaltitude Sep 16 '11 at 18:19

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