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I was wondering if i could change some things in my chrome with an extension, so when i press..
1) the windows button + D
2) or the minimize button
3) or the "Show Desktop" button in windows 7

..a part of chrome would still be visible, to be more specific i want to turn to a state of "always on top" the 1) tab bar
2) the address bar
3) and the bookmark bar

so is it possible to "split" an application like chrome in two "pieces" and somehow change its visibility in one of those "pieces"? any ideas are welcomed!

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The easiest way to achieve this, in my thought, is combine a third part program with a chrome extension.

For example, if you are under windows, you can use a program like Window On Top by Skybn. This program uses the Ctrl+F8 hotkey to toggle always on top window state, then you make an extension wich manipulate the browser window position and dimensions using the same hotkey.

To get the chrome window on top of screen with only tabs, adress and boookmarks, you can use something like this:

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