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I got a work of node.js and mongodb. While running node.js it gives error of permission denied.

For going alternatively when I tried to connect to remote server

You are trying to access MongoDB on the native driver port. For http diagnostic access, add 1000 to the port number...

I just want to reach to the REMOTE DB of client so that I can configure it on local end and experiment things.....


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The error message means that you have tried to use a web browser to connect to the MongoDB native port, eg:


If you want to use the MongoDB interactive shell to try database commands, you need to use the command line mongo:

$ mongo

MongoDB shell version: 2.0.6
connecting to: test

mongo will connect to localhost:27017 by default. You can also specify a host and port, eg:

mongo localhost:27017

The mention of connecting by adding 1000 to the port number is referring to the MongoDB simple REST interface which is a read-only administrative interface accessible via a web browser:

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