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I did this code:

$series = array(
    "a" => array(
        "b" => array(
            "FOLD", "more_arrays.php"
        "b2" => array(

function pre($a) { print "<pre>"; print_r($a); print "</pre>"; }
$string = "a,,,b";

$all_directions = explode(",,,", $string);
$all_directions = array_map("trim", $all_directions);

$b = ""; $g = 0;
foreach($all_directions as $v)
    $b .= "['".str_replace(array("[", "]", "'", "\""), null, $v)."']";

@eval('$where = $series'.$b.';');

if(isset($where[0]) && $where[0] == "FOLD")
    // a[series], b[series], c[new_array]

    print $g;

for($i = 0; $i <= sizeof($where); $i++)



$series_in = array(
    "c" => array(
        "d" => array(
            "bla" => array(),
            "hey" => array(),
            "ha" => array()
        "d2" => array(

    "c2" => array(

At $string I define which "folder" I want to see, for example if I write $string = "a"; it will show all the arrays inside "a".

key = the name of the folder, value = the subfolders inside the folder and those array.

Now: Because it's going to be a huge array, I want to separate it to many arrays. If you see at the code, $series[a][b] direct lead to another array.

Now if I do $string = "a,,,b"; I want to see: "c" and "c2"
and if I do $string = "a,,,b,,,c"; I want to see: "d", "d2"
and if I do $string = "a,,,b,,,c,,,d"; I want to see all inside d ( "bla", "hey", "ha" ..)

How can I do this?

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bleeee. @eval('$where = $series'.$b.';'); –  genesis Sep 9 '11 at 16:43
Please clarify your question (if there is one at all). –  Joel Alejandro Sep 9 '11 at 16:43
I want to do that when i write $string = "a,,b,,c"; it will research at $series_in –  Daniel Sep 9 '11 at 16:45
It seems to be very complicated, what do you need to do ? What represents your series and your searched string ? Could you explain your idea... –  Guilhem Hoffmann Oct 1 '11 at 22:26

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I'll bite...

You seem to have most of the parts. Basically you need to put them together in a loop.

You've $string and $series. Then you split $string into your $all_directions. Loop thru $all_directions, each time diving down into the array $series = $series[$all_directions[$i]]; When you've done the last $all_directions return $series (but watch for running out of $series, return null, or false if you're sure that would be an error).

The only other thing is any time $series[$all_directions[$i]] is the special "FOLD" entry then first load the file and assign it on-the-fly something like include ...; $series[$all_directions[$i]] = $series_in;

You don't want and don't need eval() and the loop is better using for because you need to check "FOLD" in the key (I'd also say use a recursive function but you said the array can be very big so it might hurt performance).

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