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I have an application that is going to post on the wall with the method FEEd but I would like to link a name to a specific page.

I found that if I put this code: @[116380291722462:1:TicinoCinema] in this url: It's work but If I do this by Facebook api it's dosen't work

Method: String response = facebook.request("feed", params, "POST");

Param: params.putString("message", Utils.getTextCheckIn(location, "@[116380291722462:1:TicinoCinema]"));

What is the problem? When I am going to do this post I can't see the name TICINOCINEMA but the rest I can see, the api just remove my "tag" and post the message.

There is any other way to do that?

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Unfortunately, the tagging in wall post is currently not supported via the feed dialog or other APIs. Please follow our developers blog to stay tuned on new API launches and updates.

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