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I'm failing at finding the commands I need to send to authenticate to a SMTP server using NTLM.

I think it goes something like:

AUTH NTLM <bae64encode something>
<bae64encode something>
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You may want to be more specific about your environment, etc. Authorization in the SMTP RFC probably doesn't include any support for NTLM so I would assume you're using Exchange or something that extends the original spec, but you know what they say about assuming. – TheXenocide Sep 16 '08 at 15:38
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You need a Base64-encoded Type 1 message. Read this.

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I've never been very good at reading RFCs, if you could give me an example I would be better able to read that RFC next time I need it. – Dylan Sep 16 '08 at 15:59
I too would like to see an example here... – Superole Mar 7 at 9:06

i think the following liknk might be helpful for you

You need to encode everything and follow NTLM authentifaction protocol.

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