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I'm using msysGit on windows7 in a 32bit environment. I'm really new to git so I don't know what else I would need to explain here to help. One thing I can tell you is this repo is a git clone from my svn repo

enter image description here

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You could try these answers:…. – Benoit Garret Sep 9 '11 at 17:32
Do you have any huge files in the repository? – svick Sep 9 '11 at 17:40
Yes, not by choice. There are some video files. the whole repo is 2.2GB. The largest file is about 800M in one very old revision. – Mr. Manager Sep 9 '11 at 17:41
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Looks like you are experiencing the same issue as: Repack of Git repository fails

They suggest running:

git config pack.windowMemory 10m
git config pack.packSizeLimit 20m
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What version of Git are you using? Looks like you may have uncovered an issue prevalent in msysgit for repositories > 2 GB.

Found this in the msysgit issue tracker..

Also, found some helpful information in.. Managing large binary files with git

Suggestions were to try using git-submodule for larger binary files. I recommend using this strategy if at all possible.

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Your video is almost certainly (lossy) compressed - then there is no way in saving more than say 5%. You should delete it from your repo and use an smb/ftp/whatever share instead. see: How to permanently delete a file stored in GIT?

(for text like files: git compresses old files itself when necessary)

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