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Is there a standardized way to set up AD authentication for a web service that does not have direct access to the AD controller? I'm thinking of a cloud application such as Google Apps that wishes to authenticate against an organization's AD.

I have googled around quite a bit but I don't seem to know the right keywords. Maybe someone else can elighten me or give me some search pointers.

FWIW, our applications are written in PHP using Zend Framework.

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The most elegant solution to your problem would be using identity federation. The basic idea is to authenticate your user locally like you do on your regular apps and send a security token to your cloud provider, proving the identity of your users. SAML is the most common federation protocol used for achieving this. Google has a nice page explaining the details and the wikipedia page is also insightful:

There are plenty of identity federation solutions, for example:

  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
  • SimpleSAMLphp
  • Shibboleth
  • OpenAM

SimpleSAMLphp may be a good start to familiarize with SAML, as it is.. simple :) The procedure to connect it to google apps is described here.

ADFS would be an AD-centric solution, but is a bit more complex to configure.

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