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I have read the examples provided by the developers of dynatree. In one of them show that putting "expand: true" in a node, it is shown expanded from the beginning. I created a sql query

              ->select('slug as key, nombre as title,
                IF(id in ('.implode(',',$ancestors_id).'),true,false) as expand,
                true as isFolder,

and converts the returned array in a json array.

     {"id":"2","key":"nombre-de-laaa","title":"nombre de laaa","level":"1","expand":"true","isFolder":"1","children":

I put "expand: true" on the node i want to appear expanded and their ancestors. But is not expanded.
I tried putting the "expand: true" only in the node i want to be expanded but it does not work either. I've tested with expand: "true" and expand: true. Both String and logical

What am I doing wrong?

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Expand should be a boolean, so try "expand":true instead of "expand":"true"

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Sorry I didn't put it in the post but I had already tested that and it does not work. – Luciano Lorenti Sep 10 '11 at 13:00
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I solved it using the onPostInit function

onPostInit: function(isReloading, isError) {
  var node = $("#tree").dynatree("getTree").getNodeByKey(folder);

  node.visitParents (function (node) {
  }, true);         

In the variable folder, I have the key of the node that I want to appear expanded. So I obtain it from the tree. And I expands it and its parents

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Solved by myself, perhaps it can helps others : to get the id of the expanded node do it like this

onQueryExpand: function(node) {
  var superId = arguments[1].data.key;

Correct me please if I'm wrong...

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