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if I am expecting a Date object say for 2011-03-05

and I want to use HQL to pull everything in 2011-03, ignoring the day/05

something like where year(somecolumn) = year(datepassedin) and month(somecolumn) = month(datepassedin)

is it possible to do in HQL?

It seems to be pertty easy to do in SQL, but not in HQL

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Well HQL has year and month expressions and you can feed it date objects just fine. So, just use a Query object as usual, nothing fancy or complicated.

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I tried two different versions of this same query and in SQL Server, something like what you have where year(somecolumn) was significantly slower (by almost an order of magnitude) than a bracketing query.

You have to create two dates, one at the beginning of the range, and one at the end. Say that you have a string:

val data = "2011-03-05"

Somewhere create a convenient const for parsing the value:

val dateFormat: SimpleDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM")

And then:

val yearMonthString = data.substring(0, 7)

val fromValue = dateFormat.parse(yearMonthString)
val c: Calendar = Calendar.getInstance(iPutATimeZoneHere)
c.add(Calendar.MONTH, 1)
val toValue = c.getTime

In your query, you'll have where somecolumn >= :fromValue and somecolumn < :toValue.

This code is written in Scala, but it uses standard Java libraries.

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