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I'm looking for a simple, open source mailing list application (or library) that I can add to my Zend Framework application. I can't seem to find any that are decent, and once I have, not quite sure how I will integrate it (due to MVC).

Has anyone done this?

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Maybe one of the phpmailer products would do it for you (they are LGPL). Sounds like phpmailer-ML might be what you are looking for.

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Maybe powerfull http://www.phplist.com/

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I've looked into this, but since the admin pages are automatically generated, rather than being a library of classes/functions, I don't think this would be a viable solution. –  Andrew Apr 11 '09 at 20:19

A couple years ago phplist was talking about exposing a real web services API so that you wouldn't need such tight integration with the app. It is probably better to keep the functionality encapsulated and only talk to the ml through its interface. The last time I played with it, however, there wasn't one, and we had a go at writing one. However any third party solution written at that time needed to know stuff about its internal db schema, which was not a very long term solution. However, our decision was that knowing about its schema was better than knowing all about its code. If phplist did expose a full-fledged API you wouldn't worry about the internal implementation of the ml (MVC or otherwise) or its schema, you would just write some classes to give it what it wants, and take what it gives you back and make it do what YOU want.

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This isn't a full solution, but documents what I've tried with Mailman.

Mailman is GNU's mailing list manager and is pretty full featured. It's written in Python, but there is a simple PHP library for it. To integrate it into Zend I've added it to the library (not in the Zend directory as it's not a Zend component), extended it so that the naming matches the directory as per the Zend convention, added the prefix to autoloading, and written controllers for the functionality I want to expose in Zend.

The issue that I am having is that Mailman still generates confirmation URLs that point to its own interface rather than mine. I didn't want to go poking around in its innards to change this, so my only option is to use .htaccess redirection on the confirm script. Not pretty, so that's why I'm not yet suggesting this as a good route to go down.

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