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im not to familiar with jquery or javascript so i have found solutions to similar problems but none explain how it works so i can convert it to use my version of a lightbox.

So i want orangebox (jquery plug-in) to load when a new page opens. its for notifying to users that they have successfully submitted a contact form.

here is the link to orangebox http://orangebox.davidpaulhamilton.net

something that could trigger this maybe

    <a href="#thankyou" rel="lightbox" title="ty">Thank You?</a>
<div id="inlineContent" style="display:none">Thank You</div>
<div id="thankyou" style="display:none"> 
    <p>Thank you for contacting us, we will reply soon.

thanks guys

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The developer has included some basic documentation on how to get it up and running: orangebox.davidpaulhamilton.net/docs.html. Have you done any of this? –  Justin Helgerson Sep 9 '11 at 20:12

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If you take a look at the Public Methods you can see how to create a new orangebox: http://orangebox.davidpaulhamilton.net/api.html


Add this code on the page you want to create the orangebox with the div id thankyou.


This is not tested. Let me know if it works.

And just to let you know:

$(function() {

is equivalent to


so the orangebox should be created when the document is loaded.

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