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I'm trying to remove a method from an class instance derived from a Tkinter window using the delattr built in function. However, I get the following error. What am I doing wrong?

Error :

AttributeError: Class instance has no attribute 'wm_title'

An example :

import Tkinter as tk

class Class (tk.Tk) :
    def __init__ (self) :

        # The method is clearly there, seeing as this works.

        # This raises an AttributeError.
        delattr(self, 'wm_title')

c = Class()
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You can't delete a class method that way because class methods are properties of classes, not objects.

When you invoke a method via object.method(), python is actually calling Class.method(object). (This is also why you must declare a self argument in class methods, yet you do not actually pass any value for self when invoking that method.)

If you want, you could call del Class.wm_title. (I'm not sure why you want to, though.)

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