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I am developing a report using RDLC (Winforms version) in VS 2010. Part of the report is listing a series of images (with text captions). The list of images is of variable length. I would like to conserve real-estate on the report by displaying two images per "row" in the list of images.

For example, if the number of images is 2, I would display:

If there are 3 images:

If there are 5 images:

... and so on.

I have seen this (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/chrishays/archive/2004/07/23/horizontaltables.aspx) blog, but it is for a fixed number of rows, which does not apply in this case. I want the list to grow, first left-to-right, but increasing in rows for every two images (as shown above).

Is there any way to accomplish this with RDLC?

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Found a hack that answers my own question. Basically, you create as many vertical lists as you need columns (in my case: 2) and then set conditional visibility for each list so that they only show a subset of the items in their query.

Look at this thread: http://forums.asp.net/t/1373432.aspx

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