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I'm looking for a sample project that uses Zend Framework so that I can see how masters do it.

I'm not looking for something that uses other stuff like smarty, or any other major library.

There are plenty of samples for different subjects on sites like but I need a full working solution.

I couldn't come up with anything like that by googling.

I came accross this a while ago, it has a sectoion on Central authentication

Here are the notes, look at page 9

Is this a good idea?

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Social Engine 4 is what you are asking for but its not free nor open source . The best application ever created using ZF has became even more popular then Zend itself (google trend) its known as "Magento". Its open source and based on best programming practices (design patterns) .

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Magento is what I was looking for – Yasser1984 Sep 21 '11 at 18:36

We are making a full open source CMS, based on Zend Framework: Centurion CMS (

We are working on it since more than 2 years. The project is under the new BSD licence.

Feel free to try, use, pull feature, make some push request, criticize...

If you have any question use the our Google group:

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Looks very promising. I want to use it but it's all in French.. The codebase is slightly different than what I'm used to with Zend. Can't login either. (checked it out from SVN yesterday). – mmmshuddup Dec 5 '11 at 1:33

Social Engine 4 projects are built on Zend Framework.
Social Engine 3 used smarty but they decided to move to Zend.

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They're smart, Smarty sucks! – mmmshuddup Dec 5 '11 at 1:28

Have a look at TomatoCMS

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Pro Zend Framework Techniques: Build a Full CMS Project I think this book will be useful for you.

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Thanks a lot Andryi. One note is that this book is written for Zend 1.x, not Zend 2. – ForrestLyman Jan 16 at 3:32

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