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I am able to extract tweets, and the submitter's user details using the streaming API, but I also need the list of followers and friends of users posting these tweets.

I am aware that Twitter search API has the friends/ids and followers/ids functions through which one can get the public followers and friends list one user at a time.

But, my data collection requires getting this information for all the users whose tweets I have collected, around 20,000+ users. This is quite exhaustive given the high number of users, and the limitation of one user per call. Moreover, I need to refresh this list for each of these 20,000+ users preferably once a day to observe changes in their friends and followers (if any).

IS there any I can achieve this using the Twitter Streaming API or any other method. Or I have to apply for the Twitter commercial data license?


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20,000 is way beyond the limits of any normal Twitter API method. I think your going to have to apply for a commercial license to go that high. The streaming API, I believe, tracks 400 keywords and 5000 users max. Your right in that the REST twitter API method only allows you to track one user or a list of ID's. You can take a look at the Twitter Counter API which mines additional info including information about followers, etc. But again, 20,000 I'm sure would be above the limits. Communicate with Twitter, Gnip and, and the Twitter Counter service to see what they can do for you.

Twitter Counter API:


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