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I have an HTML table showing my mySQL database.

I frequently need to change the content in the "current" field, which is the last column, adding and subtracting. The current number for any is "0". I would like to click on a cell and update the number by either adding or subtracting from the current number in the field.

I would prefer to click on the cell and be prompted with a popup dialogue to add or subtract to that particular cell (field).

Here is my link: Login: admin Password: demo

I need help and I've come so far.

Thank you.


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Try using jQuery UI for the dialog box and jQuery's ajax functions to update the cell.

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You might be able to put an onclick javascript event on the cell and pop up a dialogue box. Based on user input, set a hidden field with that value and do a submit(). Update your database and redisplay the page.

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