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Matlab has msgbox, listdlg, textscan, and many other functions that Octave apparently doesn't have. Is there any extra library with functions like this? Or perhaps different-named functions that will show a message dialog, let user select a data file to process, and read in formatted file?

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Check out octave forge. It has msgbox, listdlg and other related methods. There are installation instructions on the home page.

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How do I install them? I installed missing-functions package but apparently that's not the right one. –  NoBugs Sep 10 '11 at 2:09
I think thats the java package: octave.sourceforge.net/java/overview.html –  Amro Sep 10 '11 at 3:29
also make sure you are using the 3.4.x version of Octave not the 3.2.x –  Amro Sep 12 '11 at 13:00

If you are using a Debian-based distribution like Ubuntu or Linux Mint, then you can use the functions mentioned (msgbox, listdlg etc.) by installing the precompiled package octave-java.

In general, the Debian project (and, by side-effect, derived distributions) tries to package as many packages as reasonable from Octave-Forge to provide a Free alternative to proprietary packages like Matlab (sometimes, these packages can provide also implementation of functions of some of the parts of extra/paid Matlab toolboxes).

I am sure that other fine, reputable, high profile Linux distributions (like Fedora) also provide many packages from Octave-Forge, as they also have a policy for such packages.

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