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I don't know if it's possible, since my knowledge of image processing is low. I need to put my passport size photo on an A4 sheet so that I could print it out out. I tried using GIMP, great tool. Like I said earlier my expertise is very low in this field. I find it difficult to place the photos efficiently in A4 sheet.

Is there any way of placing it programmatically. Looking for some scripts using python... so that I could get a perfect output.

Or is there any program that makes this work easier. Or the last chance is to use GIMP more effectively?

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Easiest way if this is a one-off, would e to create a tale in word and paste copies of the image into each cell. –  Martin Beckett Sep 10 '11 at 3:11
If you know HTML and CSS then you can line the images up in an HTML file and print that. That can be automated too –  holygeek Sep 10 '11 at 5:25

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Use imagemagick:

$ convert -append photo1.jpg photo2.jpg photo3.jpg row1.jpg

Or try +append to change the orientation.

Repeat as needed:

$ convert +append row1.jpg row2.jpg row3.jpg a4.jpg

I may have gotten the -append and the +append mixed up.

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If you need borders around each photo then you can add them to each photo using imagemagick too, before appending. –  holygeek Sep 10 '11 at 4:40

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