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I'm trying to make a reusable component (a weekday dropdown box, simple as pie) and am following the advice in

According to that page, I should make a blah.ctp file in app/views/elements, and it will be magically accessible in my view code as $this->element('blah').

So I did it. I'm passing the form and field name to my element in the view code:

    array('form'=>$this->Form, 'fieldname'=>'weekday')

Earlier I created a form using $this->Form->create, so I figured I need to pass it to the element explicitly.

And my element code, in weekday_input.ctp:

echo $form->input(

(Weekdays in between omitted for brevity.)

Am I using $this->element properly? Is there something more clean available?

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You don't have to pass the Form object. Form, Html and other helpers are available in elements (just as in view). Whether or not you want to pass fieldname depends: Do you need to change it?

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An element is a bit too simple I expect. Also it is not very testable. Would focus on Helpers, which is a more advanced way of developing this. But there is another solution I would prefer even more:

For this kind of issues it might be more appropriate to extend the formhelper itself. You can see a simple example here:

A full example can be found for example here:

As you asked for a clean solution think about creating a plugin (or check out existing plugins). That will separate the code out of your project more clean. And it will be available for re-use without much issues.

you can find all files needed for a plugin in the same project:

And the documentation here:

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