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I want to create an automate login for github push to repository script in mac terminal. But I met some problem with login issue, like it will ask for username and password, so what command that can automatically insert username when it ask for username same with password? I found 'expect' command in Linux, but the way of using is different in Mac terminal.

Lunayos-MacBook-Pro:SuperDeals-iPhone Lunayo$ git push origin
Everything up-to-date
Lunayos-MacBook-Pro:SuperDeals-iPhone Lunayo$ git push upstream
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You should refer to GitHub's excellent help articles:

You need to either generate an SSH key with no passphrase (or start ssh-agent before you use your script if you would like to use a passphrase); otherwise, OpenSSH will ask for a password or passphrase.

Also ensure that your remote URL looks like ssh://git@github.com/user/repo.git or git@github.com:user/repo.git. Specifically, the git@ part tells Git and OpenSSH that you want to make the SSH connection using the username git (which is correct for all GitHub repositories).

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why using the ssh, it doesn't required username and password anymore? and so it is not possible for automate login in shell if required? –  Lunayo Sep 10 '11 at 5:06

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