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I am integrating a video player to an existing .NET WinForms application.

I first tried to use "Windows Media Player Control" which is included in Windows SDK, but I could not change the playback rate.

The following is the code I wrote to change the rate.

if (axWindowsMediaPlayer1.settings.get_isAvailable("Rate"))
    axWindowsMediaPlayer1.settings.rate = 3.0;

The condition in the if statement always returns "false" no matter what video file I use. Does anyone have any idea why I cannot change the rate? It really needs to be available to change the playback rate, so WMP control seems to be a bad choice if it's impossible to do so.

Or, is there any alternative solution which allows me to change the rate? Preferably a .NET based library which does not involve any unmanaged code.


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I ended up using DirectShow.NET (http://directshownet.sourceforge.net/) which is an open-source library. It contains a lot of samples, and it has a sample with playback rate control.

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IF a commercial library is an option take a look at http://www.visioforge.com/media-player-sdk-net.html

Another commercial option would be Leadtools MultIMedia SDK - see http://www.leadtools.com/sdk/multimedia.htm#+cp_playback

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Thanks for pointing useful resources, but a commercial one should be the last resort in my case. –  nullstein Sep 10 '11 at 15:19
I like to learn - any reason for the downvote ? –  Yahia Apr 15 '12 at 4:28

Is the if statement really necessary? I could set the rate fine without it..

axWindowsMediaPlayer1.settings.rate = 3.0;

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