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I'm trying to loop two array of same size display on the same row in a table

<g:each in="${productList}"  var="p"> 
<g:each in="${cartList}" status="i" var="c">                
    <td>${fieldValue(bean: c, field: "quantity")}</td>
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another way is to use the status:

<g:each in="${cartList}" status="i" var="c">                
   <td>${fieldValue(bean: c, field: "quantity")}</td>

...but the transpose() method seems to me cleaner :-)

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Your way doesn't introduce a new List object though which for massive carts could be a bonus :-) – tim_yates Sep 10 '11 at 9:14

Not sure if this will work (or if I completely understand your question), but you could try:

<g:each var="prodcart" in="${[productList,cartList].transpose()}">
  <td>${fieldValue( bean:prodcart[1], field:'quantity')}</td>

The transpose() method does the following:

products = [ 'hammer', 'chisel', 'crowbar' ]
quantity = [ 1,        2,        5         ]

println( [products,quantity].transpose() )

would print:

[[hammer, 1], [chisel, 2], [crowbar, 5]]
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