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The FourSquare API seems to be very user-centric: After logging in via OAuth I can see my friends check in, and which of my friends are currently checked into a given venue.

I'm looking for something more venue-centric, where I can get a list of everybody currently checked into a venue (friends and non-friends), or ideally receive a notification each time there is a new check-in at a specific venue. Is this possible with the existing V2 API?

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I know you asked this 2 months ago and surely found an answer already but to answer your question directly.

where I can get a list of everybody currently checked into a venue (friends and non-friends)

The FourSquare version 2 API has a venues endpoint


A sample call will give you a stats field in the response


Stats: Contains checkinsCount (total checkins ever here) and usersCount (total users who have ever checked in here).

for more venue information, FourSuare has a subset to the version 2 API called the venues project with more venue driven data you can update and mine through.


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Yes, we've since discovered this independently, but I haven't had time to come back and add a quality answer. Thanks for doing so! –  meagar Sep 10 '11 at 14:44

You can check the venue checkins and mayors, comments, etc. Easily with the foursquare API, just check the API documentation for which calls can you make.

I wrote a handy article about how to connect to the foursquare api and make calls to it through PHP, you can find it here http://ryokuweil.wordpress.com/2011/08/29/how-to-use-the-foursquare-api-v2-with-oauth-and-php/

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Authenticated calls /venues/herenow will return a list of people currently checked in. See https://developer.foursquare.com/docs/venues/herenow.html

To receive notifications when new users check-in to a venue, you need to have your application authorized by a manager of the foursquare venue, then enable your app (on foursquare.com/oauth) for the foursquare Venue Push API

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