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Is it possibel to give select a complete Object as value.


Models app/models/pc.rb

class Pc < Device
  has_many :gendevs
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :gendevs, :reject_if => lambda { |a| a[:name].blank? },:allow_destroy => true


class Gendev < Device
  belongs_to :pc

(Gendevs are something like scanners, cardreaders etc). Given Gendevs are available in Database, I wanna have a nested select, giving me the attributes of an object.



<% f.fields_for :gendevs do |gdbuilder| %>
<%= gdbuilder.select :gendevs, @gendevs.map { |g| [g.name + '/' + g.kind,g] } %>
<% end %>

This is not working, so my question is, how can i do this. Is there a way to serialize the params of g, or how can i do this?

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Use g.id instead of g.

<% f.fields_for :gendevs do |gdbuilder| %>
<%= gdbuilder.select :gendevs, @gendevs.collect { |g| [g.name + '/' + g.kind, g.id] } %>
<% end %>
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