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How do I close all opened forms which are created on the fly?

Sub OpenForms
   dim F as new frmForm1

   dim F2 as new frmForm1
End Sub

sub CloseForms
'doesn't work, (forms are created in a dll and ".openforms" method is not available):
'For each f as Form in My.Application.OpenForms
' f.Close()
end Sub

I want to close all opened frmForm1 - any ideas?

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Just create a list/collection and add all created forms to it. Then you can iterate through list/collection to close all. Here is example in C#:

List<frmForm1> _forms = new List<frmForm1>();

void OpenForms()
    var f1 = new frmForm1();

    var f2 = new frmForm1();


void CloseForms()
    foreach (var form in _forms)
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thanks, works great. :) –  blackhatmario Sep 10 '11 at 10:20

From MSDN:

The My.Application.OpenForms property returns all open forms, regardless of which thread opened them. You should check the InvokeRequired property of each form before accessing it; otherwise, it might throw an InvalidOperationException exception. For more information, see How to: Access All Open Forms of an Application (Visual Basic)

Hope that helps.

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