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I have xml with the 1000 entities like the below template :

  <row> ded</row>
   <row> def </row>
   <row> fff </row>
   <row> fff </row>


I need to parse it with XML::Twig.

I use the following code:

my $twig = XML::Twig->new(
twig_handlers => {
  data => sub {

        my $x1 = $_->first_child_trimmed_text('row');
        print $x1;
        #I need also here to run over the other rows and extract them

} );

How can I run over the rows and extract them (they have the same name)?

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You can use the XML::Twig method children_trimmed_text() - it'll give you a list of the children, which you can then iterate over. Something like this:

data => sub {
    my @row_children = $_->children_trimmed_text( 'row' );
    for my $row ( @row_children ) {
       print "$row\n";
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twig_handlers => {
#   '/data/row'
#   '//row'
#   'row'
          => sub { print $_->get_trimmed_text },
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