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Using pygtk 2.24 and glade 3 I'm having trouble with a combobox. When I click on an item in it I get the following error message

interface.py:94: Warning: unable to set property `text' of type `gchararray' from 
value of type `glong'

My code for the combobox is here

#get the combo box out of the builder and add items to it
self.cbmoRepresentation = builder.get_object("cmbo_representation")
self.iface_list_store = gtk.ListStore(gobject.TYPE_STRING)
cell = gtk.CellRendererText()
self.cbmoRepresentation.pack_start(cell, True)
self.cbmoRepresentation.add_attribute(cell, "text", 0)

Any help would be really appreciated :).

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I have this that works (but I do not use glade) :

liststore = gtk.ListStore(gobject.TYPE_STRING)
combobox = gtk.ComboBox(liststore)
cell = gtk.CellRendererText()
combobox.pack_start(cell, True)
combobox.add_attribute(cell, 'text', 0)

So I suspect your self.cbmoRepresentation not to be of the right type. Please try :

  self.cbmoRepresentation = builder.get_object("cmbo_representation")
  print type(self.cbmoRepresentation)

to inspect the type of cbmoRepresentation.

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<type 'gtk.ComboBox'> Is the output. –  Harpy Sep 10 '11 at 12:41

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