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Following is my use case:

-Client tries to upload file through my website (developed using GXT) -I got the path at client side -Want to invoke direct call to restful webservice to upload file

Ultimately i have to upload file to a server where webservice is exposed/deployed. I dont want to upload file first to a server where GWT project is deployed and then i will start uploading file to a server where webservice is running.

How to achieve this.

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I don't get the problem. Can't you just use POST? – Simson Sep 10 '11 at 16:03
I'm getting the following error on hitting the submit button at the webservice end: org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadException: the request was rejected because no multipart boundary was found – Anonymous Sep 12 '11 at 6:26
The transfer code for gwt client is written as follows: RequestBuilder builder = new RequestBuilder(RequestBuilder.POST, url); builder.setHeader("Content-type", "multipart/form-data"); Request response = builder.sendRequest(builder.getRequestData(), new RequestCallback() { public void onError(Request request, Throwable exception) { } public void onResponseReceived(Request request,Response response) { }}); – Anonymous Sep 12 '11 at 6:36
In the server, the transfer code is as follows: if (ServletFileUpload.isMultipartContent(request)) { FileItemFactory factory = new DiskFileItemFactory(); ServletFileUpload upload = new ServletFileUpload(factory); List<FileItem> items = null; try { items = upload.parseRequest(request); //Getting error at this point } catch (FileUploadException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } – Anonymous Sep 12 '11 at 6:38

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