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I created a verified developer account and i developed 2 applications. Both of them are for creating tabs in facebook pages. i created them and i installed them in 2 different sample facebook pages. now i want to install them to my clients facebook pages and i cannot find the applications. when i am logged in as the developer i can see the apps in the search results but when i try to open the app page it gives me a 4oh4.php page. when i am logged in as another user i cannot see the app in the results at all.

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Are your apps running in sandbox mode? You can check this at Settings > Advanced

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until now when i wanted to access my app and add it to a page i searched it in the facebook search bar. not it appears but when i click it gives me a 404.php page. so in order to add it now i go to the developers page and then in edit app and on the left side there is a link "view app profile page" and then you can add it. in case someone else is having the same problem. for some reason facebook decided to give a 404.php page when you try to access it through search. – dimitris Sep 11 '11 at 11:04

Login in application admin account and open bellow url :--

Step 1:- click on 'APPS' drop-down menu and choose your application from lists.

Step2:- Click on 'SETTING' TAB (Left Side) and enter your data in "App Domains" and "Contact Email" fields. Submit the form.

Step3:- Click on "STATUS AND REVIEW" tab and click "YES" for following option "Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?" then it will available publicly.

Setp4:- After launch please check all url (js,css,images) should secure(HTTPS) otherwise browser will block content

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