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I am trying to create a function that inserts spaces between the characters of a string argument then return a new string which contains the same characters as the argument, separated by space characters.




H e l l o

I'm a massive novice and I'm sure that this might seem like a no-brain'er to some people, but I just can't seem to get my head around it.

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You can use the split() function to turn the string into an array of single characters, and then the join() function to turn that back into a string where you specify a joining character (specifying space as the joining character):

function insertSpaces(aString) {
  return aString.split("").join(" ");

(Note that the parameter to split() is the character you want to split on so, e.g., you can use split(",") to break up a comma-separated list, but if you pass an empty string it just splits up every character.)

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Thanks for this information. I think that I get the principle behind this. The aString.split splits up each character and then joins is back together with another space. That said... for some reason when I try to call the function - it isn't working... I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing wrong. to test the function, I'm using the following: <INPUT TYPE = "button" NAME = "insertSpacesButton" VALUE ="Insert Spaces Between Characters" ONCLICK = "window.alert(insertSpaces(test));"> – Ross Cheeseright Sep 10 '11 at 15:16
Ah. I got the answer just to let you know. I didn't include '' around my argument string insertSpaces('test') – Ross Cheeseright Sep 10 '11 at 17:59

Alternative for a split and join solution could be:

'Hello'.replace(/(.(?!$))/g,'$1 '); //=> H e l l o
 //               ^all characters but the last
 //                          ^replace with found character + space

Or in a function:

function insertChr(str,chr) {
  chr = chr || ' '; //=> default is space
  return str.replace(/(.(?!$))/g,'$1'+chr);
insertChr('Hello');     //=> H e l l o
insertChr('Hello','-'); //=> H-e-l-l-o

or as a String prototype function:

String prototype.insertChr(chr){
  chr = chr || ' '; //=> default is space
  return this.replace(/(.(?!$))/g,'$1'+chr);
'Hello'.insertChr();    //=> H e l l o
'Hello'.insertChr('='); //=> H=e=l=l=o
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That's quite easy... just call the replace method on the string as follow...

var str = "Hello";\B/g, " ");

What am I doing here is replacing on non-word boundary which is inside the word. It's just reverse of the word boundary denoted by "\b", which is around the word; think it as if you are matching the border of the word.

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function insertSpaces( aString )
  return aString.spilt( '' ).join( ' ' );
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