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I'm a code purist, preferring my own style of code formatting as opposed to Visual Studio's default settings. I've turned off auto-formatting options in Tools/options. In most cases it works.

After using any of the built-in refactorings, Visual Studio clobbers my settings with its default settings. How do I keep VS from doing that?

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@user1142958 every few months in an open source project and every few years in business, I come across some hotshot that insists his/her style is better than the standard. Through years of research, it has been determined that styling standards improve code readability and maintainability. When developers come up with their own "better" approach, it generally has the tendency to throw off other developers on the team. Read this as an example - woldlab.caltech.edu/~king/swc/www/readstyle.html –  senfo Feb 15 '13 at 16:18

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I had this problem while writing VB in an aspx page.

The solution was to go to 'Tools > Options > Text Editor > Basic > VB Specific' and turn 'Pretty Listing' OFF.

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I doubt that you can disable re-formatting after refactoring. Refactoring changes code and since it's only text I doubt what you'd want is that it just dumps unformatted text into your source. Wouldn't it be a little easier to just set the code style VS adheres to to the style you like and follow?

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You can tweak the settings of the code formatting. I always turn off all extra line breaks, and then it works fine for how I format the code.

If you tweak the settings as close as you can to your preference, that should leave you minimal work whenever you use refactoring.

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Follow TOOLS->OPTIONS->Text Editor->CSS->Formatting Choose "Compact Rules" and uncheck "Hiearerchical indentation"

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