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So I want to simplify z:=a+I*b; Im(z) where a, b are real variables So I try:

s:= 1+2*I
Im(s) // outputs 2
Im(z) // outputs  Im(a+I*b)

So I wonder is it any how possible to simplify Im(z) so to get b as output (here we look at general case meaning z could be any complex expression from real values (like a, b, c etc and complex I))?

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Carefu, do you mean c*d when you write cd on two occasions? –  Kerrek SB Sep 10 '11 at 15:41

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You didn't tell Maple that a and b were real, so the simplification doesn't work because it doesn't necessarily hold. One way to get what you want is by using the assume command to let it know:

> s:=1+2*I;
                                 s := 1 + 2 I

> Im(s);

> z:=a+I*b;
                                 z := a + b I

> Im(z);
                                  Im(a + b I)

> assume(a,real);
> assume(b,real);
> z;
                                   a~ + b~ I

> Im(z);
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The evalc command works by considering unknowns as being real.


                             Im(a + I b)

evalc( Im(z) );

See its help-page, ?evalc.

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